We're putting the Bar in Bartine

Hi there! We need your help improving Bartine. We have a lot of cool things planned for 2018, but first, we need to redecorate a little. To increase our capacity and provide a nice place to catch up on email, read a book or listen to some music with a cup of coffee we are adding a bar to our decor. You read it correctly, we're putting the Bar in Bartine. We have sourced a beautiful terrazzo blend which will be fixed to a simple and open frame, keeping intact the spacious feel Bartine offers.

All in all, we need €2500 to realize this addition and we are asking you for help. In return, we are producing a limited set of boards made of the same terrazzo blend the bar will be made of. These will be distributed to the first 50 backers that pledge €50 or more. You can own a piece of the Bartine bar! Use it to serve breakfast in bed, as a coaster for hot pans or whatever you feel like. It will be yours so nobody can tell you how to use it.

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